March 18, 2014


I don't get it, it just keeps happening.


I've added a reward tier to my Patreon page! Patrons who pledge $2 or more per comic now get all five of my comic PDFs for free as a thank-you. If you can't be bothered to clog your hard drive, you can also pledge to donate as low as $1 per comic to help keep them going.

I also keep a sort of progress log on Patreon with process shots and updates. If you're into that kind of thing and you've always wanted to throw small amounts of money at me, it's a pretty sweet deal!

March 4, 2014


Hey-o, did you know that if you want to support this blog directly, you can now do so on Patreon? You can pledge $1 or more per comic that I post, and as a reward you get access to exclusive updates from the drawing board. Even a $1 pledge goes a long way and I would super super appreciate it.

There's also a date for the next Master of Survival update somewhere on there that I've otherwise been super-quiet about :V

Also, I'm curating the I AM EUROPE Twitter account this week - check it out!

February 25, 2014


Spoiler alert: anywhere upwards of three people is too many.

You now have an opportunity to support my comics with monthly microdonations on Patreon! By pledging$1 or more per comic that I post in a month*, you get exclusive access to behind the scenes material AND the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting someone doing stuff that you like. I mean, I hope that I'm doing stuff that you like. Am I?

*That would be comics posted on Tuesdays, like this one -- not sketch dumps, announcements or fanart. Although if you like those you can just up your pledge a bit! Also, whether or not anyone pledges anything I will still be posting comics. The only difference is that with enough financial support I can update more regularly than I currently am!

February 23, 2014

Sunday Sketchpost: Woods

A little something I found in my sketchbook over the weekend and that I really, really like.

February 12, 2014

Wednesday Workpost: GTD Personalentwicklung

Last December I was asked to illustrate a greeting card for GTD-Personalentwicklung, a small Berlin-based organisation specializing in human resources development. I  highly enjoyed the assignment, and it gave me the opportunity to do something you don't often see here - use colors!

This is the illustration I created for the card; you can see the full visual on my Behance portfolio as well as on the German site

Auf, auf!

February 7, 2014

Friday Sketchpost: Joe Czarnecki presents The Icarus Project

Last weekend was Berlin-dwelling guitarist Joe Czarnecki's first concert in two years. I've been a fan of his work since moving here and was super-happy to hear new music and old classics, some of them revisited.

Of course, if you want to practice drawing hands, why not use a tapping guitarist's hands for reference? It's not like they move or anything.

Joe's album Watch Now is one of my favorite records, right up there on my list of indispensable instrumental guitar music along with Kaki King and Kelli Rudick. Check it out!

February 4, 2014

National Hug Day

We often listen to Flux FM at my part-time job. You should too, as it is probably the best alternative radio station ever.

January 28, 2014

Hanging Loose: Keeping It Classy

Don't drink and discuss dating with deutsch dudes, peeps, it can only end in tears.

January 21, 2014

Hanging Loose: Kidneys

Two impossible girls go 'round the outside, 'round the outside, 'round the outside

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