March 21, 2023

Status Report

A four-panel comic in black and white, entitled "2022 Year In Review". The first panel has the caption "smiling wider" and shows Claire as seen in a Zoom call, drawing at their desk and smiling into the camera. The second panel has the caption "crying more" and shows Claire walking down Kaiserdamm street in Berlin wearing a hoodie, jeans jacket and jeans and Chucks, listening to music on her phone and crying. In the third panel, with the caption "laughing deeper", Claire is sitting on the U-Bahn, looking at something on her phone and laughing loudly ("Huh-HA-HA-HA") while someone sitting next to her looks at them. In the fourth panel, with the caption "and crying more", we see Claire sitting on the couch at home, clutching a stuffed IKEA shark, and sobbing.

Yeah girl, access those emotions stored in the body!! Wait, what do you mean they're a package deal ­čą▓


[ John-Allison Weiss - Different Now ]


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