March 18, 2010

Présentation jan. '10

Image réalisée en janvier 2010 dans le cadre d'un module de
préparation à la recherche d'emploi, Master 2 pro Médiation culturelle
(on clique dessus, ça devient plus grand.)
[EDIT: On me murmure à l'oreille que j'aurais dû inverser
l'ordre des tâches dans la dernière bulle, ce qui est certainement vrai.]

March 15, 2010

Hold Breath (on lust and church services)

through slaying
all i have now is

i am
wholly consumed with my own self

and i came here,
bringing all my nerve
for i know that
each day                you're here.

put thoughts into words form actions hate
despise the need the want to kill time
i had this – had it all under control and now
i find it all so –

i seek
none other than you
i seek
nothing other than your soul

i am caught by the threads and tangled loose running wild, i
ask for the truth to come and swallow me whole.

Berlin, 3.2010