November 4, 2022

An Intro to Berlin Bike Path Typology (Berliner Comic Fenster 2022)

A black-and white comic opening with a title screen that says "An Intro to Berlin Bike Path Typology by Clairikine", with a drawing of a bike path street sign. First panel: a bike path full of puddles, with the caption "Great Lakes". Second panel: a bike path made out of two slabs of concrete with a gap between them, with the caption "Just gonna put a slab of concrete here, that'll work". Third panel: a six-lane street downtown with cars and a bus, but no bike path or cyclists. The caption says "404 bike path not found".
Fourth panel: a bike path at night with a tree next to it and bumps in the path created by the tree's roots, with the caption "Oh no. Oh no no no no no". Fifth panel: a bike path with a bus stop next to it, and the caption "Just gonna put a bus stop here". Sixth panel: Claire biking down a bike path full of ice and sludge and swearing, with the caption "Snow sludge ice nightmare". Seventh panel: a smooth and wide bike path at night, with a tree on one side and buildings in the distance, and the caption "Bliss".

I submitted this comic for this year's season of the Berliner Comic Fenster program, through which local cartoonists get to have their comics aired on Berlin's subway TV in partnership with Comic Invasion! If you were on the U-Bahn last weekend, you may have seen it aired.

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