December 30, 2010

Journal de Nantes #7

"So L and A aren't so gung-ho about picnicking after all." / What? So what do we do now? / Hey,
Lens tells me you don't want to have a picnic, what should we do instead? / "What? I never said that!" /
Max is calling / "Hey, you at the flat? I need my keys :-/"
June 16, 2010 I had planned to have a picnic on the beach with Léns, Né-chan and Lisa,
but we all misunderstood each other, and in 20 mins I send 3,50€ worth of texts in "roaming" mode.
14h00 PORNIC 48
Tegan and Sara's "Sainthood" is a very good album to listen to when you're driving in sunny weather.

At the beach it's cider (+1), Pringles, pretzels, all sorts of jabs and friendly putdowns.
It's just like the good old days, and I get the feeling somehow that I haven't even been gone,
everything is great, everything is still here, the lame plays on words, the exchange,
just the feeling, when you get down to it, of being with family.

While wading I realize that the beach is filled with starfish that are more or less dead.
It's the starfish graveyard...
That evening I go to a dinner hosted by a friend from the student group. Max and I leave early (I'm staying at his place) and we have ourselves another nightfall chat-tram 3 session like we used to in my 9th semester. I'm very fond of Max and it's weird to think that next year he 'll be in London, not Nantes...

[Bonus sonore]

December 26, 2010

Journal de Nantes #6

Tuesday 15 June
Clr:"Are you freaking kidding me?!" / Contrary to what we had been told,
the law exam was not a case study. / [Absolutely not the type of exam we were supposed to have.]
[Highly advanced means of random selection.] / Clr: "Eenie, meenie, minie, mo..." / I am chosen to
draw the subject for the second exam at random and potentially hate myself until the end of time.
I draw semiology for my group. Phew!
* Bébé à l'intérieur.

I meet up with Cécile that afternoon to grab a beer (and an Orangina)
on the Place du Bouffay. I can't believe she's PREGNANT!!!

J'use rarement du langage décrit plus haut. Sauf quand mes circonstances ont un fort taux d'absurdité.
(Quand on clique sur les images deux fois elles deviennent super lisibles, promis.)

[ Bonus sonore ]

December 4, 2010

Journal de Nantes #5

Nantes, 14.6.2010, shopping with Né-chan.
Ca ne rate jamais.