January 23, 2024

An Indie Cartoonist's Life On The Internet


A black-and-white comic in four panels. In the first panel, we see Claire, wearing a hoodie and looking at their phone, with some foliage off to the side. A caption coming out of their phone with the Twitter logo says "Surprise, you put a decade of work into this platform and some dude just put his foot into it like it was a fucking anthill". Claire thinks to themself "what a novel concept". In the second panel, Claire is sitting at their drawing table wearing a plaid shirt and using their Cintiq, which is connected to a laptop sitting on the top of the table. A caption with a message icon is coming out of the laptop and says "What you do isn't actually work and no one needs you. We'll take your cool pictures though! Claire smiles weakly and says "Heh heh heh, you hear that fellas?" The "fellas" are their brain and their heart sitting on pedestals on either side of them. The brain is emitting lightning bolts and is hooked up to their left arm, and the heart is seeping blood and squirting droplets while hooked up to their right arm. The third panel shows Claire in a hoodie, lying on the couch with a Nintendo Switch controller and their phone sitting next to them. The panel is covered in captions containing a heart symbol and the word "spam", all pointing in the diryection of their phone. The fourth panel shows Claire crouching in front of their fridge with the door open and a frowning face coming out of it. Groceries are sitting on top of the fridge with a caption showing rising prices. A caption from their phone shows a message icon and the words "At last, we've wrested access to creativity from the privileged artistic class!" Claire thinks to themself "you've done what from the what now"

Wrote this sometime in the summer of 2023. Nothing new under the sun, tbh.

[ Green Day - Bobby Sox ]