August 29, 2023



A two-panel comic in black and white. In the first panel, Claire is standing inside a small circle-shaped wall about as tall as her knees, staring down at it and saying "Hmmmm... Looks like it's safe to lower these walls". In the second panel, the wall shoots up so high that Claire is hidden, making a "woosh" sound. A speech bubble rises out of the top of the circular wall, saying "Just kidding haha."

One from the vault! Woosh.

 [ Oliver Sim - Romance With A Memory ]

August 15, 2023

Tuesday Fanart: John-Allison Weiss, "Wait For Me"


A three-panel comic in black and white with lyrics from John-Allison Weiss' "Wait For Me". In the first panel, Claire, a white person with short hair, is sitting in grass overlooking a valley with trees, a small river and mountains in the background with some snow on them. Text over the mountains says "I'm missing out on all the places I could go" The second panel shows a wooden table with two nearly-empty cocktails, two half-eaten bowls of snacks, two smartphones and a couple zines or sheets of paper. The text above says "the people I could know" The third panel shows Claire lying down on an L-shaped couch at night with one arm on their stomach, one behind their head and one knee up. The text above says "the nights I'm not alone".

Not waiting for anyone specific, just deemed these lyrics to be a vibe when I drew this.

[ John-Allison Weiss - Wait For Me ]