September 27, 2012


Hey guys! The end of the year draws close, and on my end that represents a certain need for money. So I'm going to announce a first of mine: commissions - or as I like to call it, The Help Claire Pay For Things Drive.

I'm currently offering three things: small sketches,  black and white illustrations and minicomicsHandily, if you place an order now, you will be sure to get it in time for Christmas!

For 10€ (plus shipping), you can get a custom sketch of anything you want: fandoms, my own characters, a crazy scene from the subway, etc.
The sketch is done in black PITT pen or brushpen on an A5 sheet of sketchbook paper, and it comes with a little thank-you note. Good if you like Rails programming jokes and Doctor Who. (I can do both.)*

For 25€ (plus shipping), you get a black-and-white pen-and-ink A4 drawing of anything that tickles your fancy, while remaining within the realm of the doable: i.e., no distorted-perspective shots of Jeremy Renner scaling Half-Dome with a scuba tank.
The drawing is penciled on an A4 sheet of Bristol board and inked with PITT artist pens, and also comes with a note. Good if you like Millennium fanart.

For both types of commissions, shoot me an e-mail at clairykin-at-gmail-dot-com and we'll go from there.

Also, my minicomics are still for sale here. This time it's 3€ + shipping for one mini. I have about 50 in stock currently; they make great stocking stuffers for trilingual Berlin/comic lovers. If their stockings are A5-sized and rectangular, that is.

Plus! For any art commissioned by Berlin-dwellers, there is a sweet deal on shipping, as there will be no shipping. I will deliver it to you in person, with my delicate hands.  Because Berlin. (Does not apply to minicomics).

So I hope to be able to do business with some of y'all in the coming weeks and draw some wacky fanart! Please take a moment to consider a black-and-white rendition of Ten, Loki and Katniss drinking lattes under the Fernsehturm. I thank you. And so does my snazzy drawing table.

*I once drew Sherlock and John bickering about Ruby programming. I have no fear.

September 25, 2012

That happens.

I wrote this months ago, but I could easily be telling this to the cold I currently have. Ha ha.

September 23, 2012

Weekend Workpost: Furry Critters

Here's the line art for some critters I drew for work last week.

I have two things to say about this fox. One thing is that he looks like a friend of mine. The other thing is that when I was little, I discovered Calvin and Hobbes and proceeded to draw a comic strip for three years about a fox named Foxy. (My family can testify that it made zero sense.) So it was like a return to roots drawing this fox.

September 21, 2012

Random Friday Bonus Sketch - FDM2012

A little sketch I did during the aforementioned concert. Happy Friday!

September 18, 2012

The Backstage Experience

I took part in the Fête de la Musique this year as an organiser, which to me is a great honor. In fact I managed to feel honored until about 2 in the morning when my feet gave their notice.

September 14, 2012

June 18, 2012.

I'd like those two hours of my life back, please.

September 11, 2012

First steps in language animation.
"In my suitcase I have a a bike...a pen...a pencil case...and...and...his mom."

Guys, let me introduce you to a small part of my Franco-German world*. "Animation linguistique" ("language animation") is something that was conceptualized in the early nineties by a research project of the University of Bielefeld and the Franco-German Youth Office (OFAJ/DFJW), which more or less is to French/German majors what Mountain View is to programmers (I'm guessing). The focus was on how some kids would attend binational youth events and come back hankering to learn French or German, whereas others would return nonplussed after clamming up all week. A set of guidelines for loosening things up was put together, and "language animation" - group games involving verbal or nonverbal communication -  was included as one of the tools used by camp organisers. It's therefore one of those terms that are mainly understood by initiated members of a given professional environment. (I'd use a fancy word for that but it's nearly dinnertime as I write this.)

Language animation is something I do on occasion as part of my current job, and is an opportunity to interact with the young'uns of local Berlin schools and impart the awesomeness of French. Which they then use to make references to each other's moms.

* Only one of the many idiosyncratic people groups which I am proud to call my own.

September 7, 2012

Second only to David Tennant.

September 4, 2012