August 16, 2022

Signs of Summertime (2022 edition)

 A four-panel comic in black and white, with the title "Signs of Summertime - 2022 Edition". In the first panel, the caption is "Rise at 6:00 AM to open all the windows." We see Claire from behind in a tank top and shorts as she opens a window and says "aah." A caption says "(Except when it's still 29°C outside)". A fan blows air nearby. Second panel: the caption is "Sweating into the FFP2 mask". Claire is sitting on the subway scrolling her phone, wearing an FFP2 and sweating with a backpack and a tote bag next to them. A tweet on their phone shows the caption "Loire riverbed" over a photo of a wide riverbed with just a trickle of water zig-zagging through it. Third panel: the caption is "10 o'clock Club Mate". Claire is sitting at a desk, next to another fan, working on a laptop, drinking from a bottle and thinking "Caaaaaffffeeeiinne" Fourth panel: the caption is "Screaming brain". Claire is lying on a couch in the dark, with a cartoon brain sitting above her screaming "EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE". Claire thinks to themself, "Can't... really argue with that..."

It's hot. Not much else to add, really. Or rather, too much to add! Have a comic.


I am tabling in a few places the next few weeks! Find me online at Fanzineist Vienna from August 11 through September 11, and IRL at Art Horse Bazar on August 28 and Comics & The Beast on September 3 (both in Berlin).

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