January 4, 2011

Journal de Nantes #8

June 18th, 2010 (anniversary of General de Gaulle's speech during WWII) - A guided tour of the Lieu Unique and its surroundings with Léns, a new convert to the neighborhood.
We grab juice and a coffee at the bar, and we chat about transitions, the life of faith when you're feeling down, being at an age where you're making a living and supposed to be responsible for things, living as a sailor, living as a worker in the arts & culture world and going from one fixed-term contract to the next, life as a Christian and sexuality. At the end we go back to Place du Commerce to meet with John and say see you later.

Claire: "Aw, poor thing, she said no..." / That afternoon it's lazing around at Johannis and Cécile's with a Germany-Serbia game, Melinda and then Léns who come hang out at the apartment. At 6pm we launch an expedition to Atlantis to get groceries. We split up into pairs and Cécile and I pick up a chicken. I get a text from my best buddy.
In the evening we have dinner for 4 with a chicken, pommes-noisettes, green beans, plus a Leffe Triple each and Magnums for dessert. Utter decadence. / Remains from the feast.

Bon, en vrai, le terme exact est plutôt "novice du quartier". Les aléas de vouloir faire du style sans avoir de dictionnaire en ligne/smartphone à portée de main. // I actually meant "new fan of" and not "new convert to", but that's what you get when you write without a smartphone and an online dictionary handy.