November 3, 2012

Weekend Workpost: Comics Workshop!

One of the perks of my current job is the opportunity to try my hand at hosting my own stuff. This includes comics workshops, the second of which took place on Wednesday. The concept was getting French and German-speaking participants to write a short comic together about cultural differences they'd experienced in either Germany or France. The comics that came out of this were "bang on" (as the saying goes) and it was incredible to watch everyone putting together a comic.

I also got to expound a bit on different writing techniques I've observed and used in writing my own comics. I illustrated my points with samples of my own stuff (including a sneak-peek of something coming up in January 2013... shhhhh), as well as material by C. Spike Trotman and Natalie Nourigat (used with gracious permission).

All in all, it's something I could totally envision doing on a regular basis.

(The brilliant pictures on the wall are by my friend Sarah.)

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