December 21, 2012

Friday Fanart: Vote Saxon!

In keeping with this week's comic, here is some fanart I did of the Master/Harold Saxon, as seen in the Doctor Who Season 3 finale. I sort of went nuts when he appeared. 

Initially I tried sketching him with a serious, deadly look on his face, but then I realized that the Master as played by John Simm really is more of a cartoon character, and so I drew these two accordingly.

(Cue the insidious trust me pose.)
I have the growing suspicion that my drawing style lends itself more to brushes than to regular art pens, but I feel really clumsy with a brush pen (Faith Erin Hicks describes it as "inking with mittens"). In the long run I'd like to teach myself to use a real brush.


I'm off to Stockholm for the holidays! Dear, dear Stockholm, aka my moody zero-perspective lover. I can be followed on Twitter and Instagram during my stay should you want to get in on the experience of mellandagarna (the actual Swedish name for "the days between" Christmas and New Year's). Which in my case will mostly involve coffee, cafés and TV shows.

Comics will still be updating during this time! Also, I will be announcing something when I get back, so stay tuned.

Ha det så bra, y'all, and vote Saxon.


  1. Very well done. The Master is just the way you'd think an evil Doctor would be, right?
    And without any spoilers, enjoy the last days of the 1oth Doctor. (Yes, he was just brilliant.)
    Frohes Fest!

    1. Thank you!! Very much :D

      And (spoilers below) my two cents, since true to form, I can talk about this for hours --

      I found that the idea of an "evil Doctor" actually translates differently in the show. I wouldn't say the Master is evil (Russell T Davies purposely never did) - he's basically just unhinged, and he can't help it. We get a glimpse of a truly cracked Doctor right before the End of Time, and he definitely has a different impulse: he still chooses to save people, whereas the Master wants to destroy and control. But the duality between the two (especially in the Season 3 finale) is very interesting indeed: the Master is just as dynamic, smart and charismatic, which was always Ten's territory up until then, so I found it very fascinating to see the Tenth Doctor dealing with an equal.

      Also, I did watch the final episodes: they were heartbreaking!

      Ebenfalls frohes Fest, and thanks again for commenting :)