January 13, 2014

Mixtape Monday: Car Drive 2013

A personal fact I have mentioned before: in addition to writing and drawing squiggly figures in my journal, I have also been making mixes since the dawn of time -- well, since I attended junior high and came into possession of a tape player. Being a storyteller at heart, I always strive to compose some kind of sense into the ordering of the songs - a sort of soundtrack, if you will. I find I have achieved success when the mix either gets my narrative point across or makes someone happy. (If both happen, it is doubly awesome!)

I will use the occasional Mixtape Monday post to present to you some of the mixes I am particularly proud of, and the artwork that inevitably goes with it. I open this category with the most recent edition of Car Drive, a yearly mix I force my family to listen to in the car when we drive out to the Swedish countryside. (My sister ended up "quite liking it" however, so I have reached my above-mentioned goal.)

Car Drive serves to round up (mostly) new music that either caught my attention or defined a particular moment in the eponymous year. As such, this is is truly an aural personal recap of 2013. (The comic recap is coming tomorrow!)

If you so desire, you can wrap your ears around this mix on Spotify.


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