May 14, 2014

The Clairikine Hits Stockholm Art Drive!

Photo: Tommie Hansen - CC BY 2.0

The dates: June 4 - 11, 2014
The plan: visiting Stockholm for my sister's graduation. Hitting up fave haunts. Fangirling X-Men: Days of Future Past. Grabbing a starköl. People moving! Things changing! What!
The goods: I've got some very limited personalized postcards (sketches or poetry!) and I'm opening up six commission slots, four of which are The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo or X-Men themed. See below!
I am also going to give it a shot with a Google Hangout to talk about Berlin, Stockholm, comics and my cat for 45 minutes. I promise I'm good company.
Slots are reserved by clicking the donate button at the end of the post and specifying in the note to the seller what slot you want. I will then e-mail you to confirm the slot reservation.
Delivery dates are estimated. All prices include shipping to Europe; please add 3€ for shipping outside of Europe.

Celebrate the past ten years of Stockholm rootedness and help fund the madness!
**ORDERS ARE CLOSED! Thanks to everyone who donated! **

  • 7€ - Sketch Postcard
  • A personalized postcard, mailed to you from Stockholm
  • Delivery: June 2014
  • 7€ - Poem Postcard
  • A postcard with a handwritten poem or lyrics, mailed to you from Stockholm
  • Delivery: June 2014

  • 20€ - A5/8.3x5.8" Millennium or X-Men: DOFP sketch
  • One Millennium/Girl With The Dragon Tattoo character of your choice* in a book/movie scene or a Stockholm location of your choice, OR
  • One X-Men: Days of Future Past character (optional: in a Stockholm location of your choice)
  • Black and white on cardstock
  • Expected delivery: August-September 2014
  • 30€/40€ - A4/8.27 x 11.7" Millennium or X-Men: DOFP sketch
  • Same as the above, in a DIN A4 format.
  • 35€ for one character, 45€ for two.
  • Expected delivery: August-September 2014
  • 20€/30€/40€ - Personalized Sketch of Whatever Floats Your Boat
  • A drawing of whatever you want! One or two characters (only something I can reference) and a simple background.
  • 22€ for A5 (one character), 35€ and 45€ for A4 (one or two characters.)
  • Expected delivery: August-September 2014

40€ - Google Hangout: Stockholm vs. Berlin
  • A 45-minute Google Hangout live from Berlin to discuss life between cities and the comics process
  • Expected delivery: July 2014

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