April 7, 2015

Actual Bird

That issue of Rolling Stone was from 1991. It had Achtung Baby-era U2 on the cover and a review of Nevermind that suggested Nirvana might be going places. So it was basically amazing.

Berlin!! Comic Invasion Berlin is two weekends away, and I will be tabling there both days next to friend and fellow Panel Upper Ash Pure (of The Lion & The Unicorn fame). Read below the cut to see where you can find me!

Production of Master of Survival: The Third Degree has been delayed a bit due to my having written a 7-page epilogue to wrap the story up; that comic still needs to be inked and edited, which will not happen in time for Comic Invasion, as I'm prioritizing putting out a comic I'm satisfied with over rushing the job (a luxury I can afford on a personal project).

BUT. I will have many other printed minicomics available, as well as postcards and a couple CIB-exclusive deals. Keep a lookout on Twitter next week for those. And hey - come say hi!

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