October 13, 2015

Home Is Where The Culture Shock Is

True story: I jaywalk less in other countries since moving to Germany. People are like, "there's no cars!" and I'm like "but --"

Two announcements! Firstly, for those of you in Berlin who have been wanting to make comics, I am teaching a workshop on October 24 down on the hallowed grounds of Neukölln's Raum b café. (See that, I just made a coffee pun.) Signups are here. Come hang out!

Secondly, November approaches and with it comes my own personal con season. I will be tabling at the Thought Bubble comic festival in Leeds and am highly looking forward to returning!
I am also dilingently working on a couple new things to bring out for you, and these are going to cost some money on top of the travel and lodging. As I am currently 100% self-employed (huzzah!), the expense is a bit daunting - but you can help make it happen by donating to the Traveling Tip Jar or by pledging to my Patreon campaign. Every little bit truly helps.

Also, the first five people who donate $25 to the Tip Jar get a B/W digital portrait of themselves. Want to look like this? For a limited time only, you can.

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