May 6, 2016

TV Habits

A four-panel black and white comic with the title "Various TV-Watching Habits of Mine". Each panel depicts Claire with short hair, a black T-shirt and jeans sitting in an easy chair and watching TV on a laptop sitting on their bed. First panel: the caption says "Guessing dialogue." Dialogue coming from the laptop says "I thought about what you'd said..." Claire interjects " I called her." Dialogue coming from the laptop says "...So I called her." Second panel: caption says "Reacting. Claire laughs: Huh-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAA" Third panel: caption says "Guessing plot points". Claire points at the laptop and says "Called it. Knew it. Called that too." Fourth panel: caption says "Reacting", again. Claire sits up gripping her face, eyes wide, yelling "NOOOOOO NO NO NO NO NO NOOO". A tiny thought bubble coming out of the laptop says "OMG".
Writer brain never rests, even and especially not when it's watching TV.

It's warm and sunny in Berlin! Happy weekend, everybody.

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