January 24, 2020

Journal comics in 2019: a selection

Over the past few years I've been drawing occasional journal comics and posting them for my subscribers on Patreon. This year was no exception, and I thought I'd post some of those here in the spirit of my year in review. Read on below!

Per tradition, I started the year with a cold. I proceeded to have several more over the spring and realized I had to slow down; and then the end of the year was extremely busy and head colds returned with a vengeance.

As I mentioned previously, I was influenced in a major way by attending XOXO 2019 in Portland.

As you can see, while in Portland I also bought myself a cheap set of dice-in-dice and took part in a game of By The Bones.

Expressing myself about interpersonal stuff was a recurring theme for me; this may come as a surprise, but it's usually hard for me to navigate. I still don't really have a satisfactory answer to this question except that I probably think too much.

(Unresolved doesn't have to mean reciprocated! Haha.)

That's it for this year! If you want to see more journal comics when they're published, subscribing is just $2 a month and helps me cover costs incurred by living and working as an artist in Berlin, including mandatory pension payments and public transit.

And speaking of living in Berlin... got an anniversary coming up soon! Stay tuuuuuuned.

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