May 21, 2021

Friday Sketchpost: "Beten" (Praying)

For Lent earlier this year, I was asked to volunteer some artwork for a local church on the topic of prayer within the larger theme of "Barmherzigkeit" (mercy). This is what I came up with, with the idea that prayer can be opening yourself up to dialog with anyone—yourself, other persons human or divine—with a specific focus on places in Berlin where I've found this possible.

(No physical human presence here, because... well, you know.)  

Black and white illustration of a lake, with trees on either side and a small bouie in the water. Text says "What do I want to say, but don't know how?" in German.
What do I want to say, but don't know how?
Black and white illustration of a trail in the forest, with bare bush branches and trees. Text says "can you hear me?" in German.
Can you hear me?
A black and white illustration of a bus stop at night on a quiet and empty street, next to a bare tree and in front of an industrial building that has “Betrieb” on the front and all lights in the windows off. A small light on top of the building is shining, as is a street lamp to the left of the bus stop. Above the scene, there is white text on the black background that says “what are you looking for?" in German.
What are you looking for?
Black and white illustration of two deck chairs in front of an outdoor café, with a small table between them and a cup of coffee sitting on it. In the background you can see buildings and trees. A caption says "who is listening to me?" in German.
Who is listening to me?
Black and white illustration of the Tempelhof airfield in Berlin, with a wide sky full of clouds above the trees, field and airport terminal building. Text in the sky says "where does my help come from?" in German.
Where does my help come from?
Black and white illustration of a desk, with a laptop, a mug of tea, a pen holder filled with pens. On the wall is a calendar with a photo of a bridge and the caption "March 2020" with the later half of the dates all crossed out. Postcards on the wall show a mountain outline, a desert and buildings with Berlin's TV tower behind it. The laptop says "connecting..." The caption says "how can I meet with you?" in German.
How can I meet (with) you?

Black and white illustration of a large room with door windows looking out into nature. On the floor of the room is a small notebook with a pen, and an easy chair is on one side of the room. The text says "what is your answer?" in German.
 What is your answer?

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