October 22, 2021

Fanart Friday: Sad Comics 2021

Earlier this year a series of bad things and personal upheavals happened. I drew various short comics to process some of them and will be updating this post with them for the next few weeks on Fridays.

Content warning: some of these touch on stuff like death, grief, depression and religious trauma, so please be mindful if that is something you aren't up to reading right now.

A two-panel comic in black and white. In the first panel, Claire is sitting on a bench by a lake at night, looking out onto the water. The edge of the lake is paved and there is a street lantern and a tree. Claire is wearing shoulder length hair and a plaid hoodie. In the top left corner of the panel are the lyrics to a song in French that mean "I don't have much to say to you". In the second panel we see Claire sitting on the bench with their arms crossed, staring off to her left and frowning. Behind her are trees and next to her is a trash can. In the bottom left corner there are lyrics from the same song, translating to "and not much to make you laugh." The song is "J'ai demandé à la lune" by Indochine.

Translation: "I don't have a lot to say to you, and not a lot to make you laugh."

A three-panel black-and-white comic with lyrics from the song “Open Water” by the band Thrice. The first panel shows a quiet lake at night. At the top are the words “the open water chills me to my bones”, and at the bottom are the words “but it’s the only place that I feel alive”. The second panel shows two bare trees towering overnight, also at night. Between them are the words “i’m starting to believe the ocean’s much like you”. The final panel shows Claire, a person with short hair, standing outside at night, wearing a coat and a scarf, and looking up. Nothing else can be seen around her except the darkness of night, and above their head the words “ ‘cause it gives and it takes away.”
I drew this one during Lent of this year. It was a particularly intense period of my life. I mean, in a year full of intense periods of my life, it's way up there.


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