June 28, 2022

How Autobio Cartoonists Socialize

A four-panel black and white comic. In the first panel, HX and Claire are hanging out outside at night drinking a 0% beer and a glass of Rotkäppchen, respectively. Claire says "The last hangover I had was after I drank 33cl of this." HX says "Haha, Rotkäppchen is the mind-killer." In the second panel, Claire responds with "Rotkäppchen is the little-death" and HX laughs. Claire continues: "Rotkäppchen will pass through me, and I will remain." HX laughs some more. In the third panel, HX says "That's going in a comic." Claire points at them and says "DO it. And if you don't do it in a month, I'll do it." In the fourth panel, Claire says "And if you DO do it, I'll make a comic about THIS exchange" and HX laughs some more. A caption at the bottom says "How autobio cartoonists socialize."

I did the comic first lol (my friend HX is rad, check out their stuff!)

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