February 7, 2023

Hourly Comics Day 2023

00:00 Awake with fox plushie. 00:30 asleep with fox plushie. 7:00 Snooze my phone saying to wake up wake up wake up wake up. 8:00 up, shower listening to Tegan and Sara singing "I should start working on myself again". 8:30 breakfast with toast, lachs and a rapid test for work. Listening to news radio was a mistake.

9:15 I am ill-equipped for the elements with no umbrella and soaking Chucks that are due to be replaced. Listening to My Chemical Romance singing "Say a prayer" on the subway. 10:00 Work! and asking the coffee machine if it missed me. Check emails + messages with a date stamp set for a new month. 11:00 work continues apace while listening to REM singing "I wore the clothes you wanted, I took your name". 12:30 BEHOLD THE SUN OMG
I run into E who waves at me while I am deep in R.E.M.! 13:00 lunch. 13:15 Read Twitter thread about the most fucked-up storylines in each Animorphs book and snort rice up my nose. 13:30 work with espresso. 15:00 I need a bigger backpack for my bag o' chargers, keys, regular journal, sketchbook, work notebook, bullet journal and work machine. And a nap.
16:15 phone call! That book I ordered from the Comicladen is finally on the delivery slip. 16:30 Can't sleep, must be the espresso. 17:00 Snack time with totast, juice, lachs, soft-boiled egg. Did u think I'd eat anything else on Hourly Comics Day. FluxFM interviewee says re: the new 49€ ticket that "Clearly not everyone has understood that Germany has some catching up to do in terms of Digitalisierung". (LOL). 17:30 BOTW with podcast, Buddie the blue IKEA shark, and Chris Walla on "Depresh Mode". 18:00 Zine editing during a Zoom call: how do zine cover...

19:00 Zoom break! Dance to Cooper singing "Can we go right back to the start". Sit in front of computer and think of brain liquefying. 20:00 "Zoom done" dance to MCR singing "Toooo theeee ennnnnd". More BOTW, with fucken' Octoroks. 21:00 Cook dinner (and tomorrow's lunch). I could have just heated up canned ravioli, but this spaghetti is more fun. Helloooo inflation! Mandatory hourly comics day-ception panel, with Kraftklub singing "Manchmal denk ich nicht nach, mal zu viel".

21:45 Make myself watch TV to stop checking my phone, with the quote "It's a sloth" from 911: Lone Star. Mandatory HCD texting with @arsduo: Smile! You're in the comic lol. 22:30 Long day tomorrow, so, time for bed. Where... are... my... glasses (in the bathroom) (classic). 23:00 Finishing up comics in bed. G'nite! Books next to my bed say Read Meeee and "And meeee". BONUS: if I got to sleep I get to listen to the Thrice album reedition that just dropped.
Appearing in this comic:

1. Tegan and Sara, "Under My Control"
2. My Chemical Romance, "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison"
3. R.E.M., "I Took Your Name (Remastered)"
4. Cooper, "This Year"
5. My Chemical Romance, "To The End"
6. Kraftklub, "Ein Song reicht"


I'm thrilled to be part of the 24 Stunden Comic Tag am Wannsee exhibit at Berlin's neurotitan gallery from February 18 to March 11! I will be exhibiting original pages from my comic written and penciled during the 2019 edition, and if all goes well, selling the brand-new zine of that comic!! If you're in Berlin, there's a chance I'll see you at the vernissage, Saturday, February 18 from 17:00!

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