April 5, 2010

a sailor's crisis

pull me to you, dear
or pull me away
the fact is you're
all out

when you break it down we're
one of us
is cried out and
the other
an empty vessel on the shore

i promised this
far away on the water i had promised this
i took you to be
the part of me that never leaves

except the ocean's absence echoes
like something has gone wrong

way across on this edge i'll
try to make a way to
make a way to come home to you

the sorrow of the fall of creation
make it all up in due time i'll
make it all to something worth it somehow

the morning cross
the fear and the struggles of

fear and the struggles are
cast out
far away from me now

i took this flower and
ask you to accept it

once more

took this pain
and i asked of you
that you would make all things new.

Berlin, 4.2010

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