August 19, 2012

I came back to die with my city

I'm baaack! Hoo-boy, I walked up and down the northern suburbs of Stockholm, discovered Phad Thai, met with peeps, took a zillion iPhone pictures and did a whole lotta writing. Stockholm (like Sweden in general) is one of my favorite places in the world, it's a shame the winter there is psychotic and I go more crazy the earlier the sun sets.

Anyway, here are a few things I dropped into my sketchbook while I was there:

One of the main things I was looking forward to was Stockholm Pride. I didn't actually see much of the festival or the parade itself (walking at Berlin's CSD was enough), but I did get graciously invited to a garden party up the hill from Mariatorget, where I got to meet cool people, drink Spanish beer and wonder if that was, in fact, a pretty well-known person standing over there with a glass of punch. It was an awesome party (or "best gay bar in the world", as someone put it.)

This picture translates the way I felt about interacting in environments where mostly Swedish was spoken. (Not to brag, but I haven't felt like this in years.) Translates roughly as "Not understanding exactly what's going on... That is my problem."

As was required by my stay, I went to the movies a few times -- most notably to see The Dark Knight Rises. Needless to say that Bane killed it. Oh, and Blake? Yes. Shortest three hours of my life. BOOM! alltså.

(c) S.K. Webster / Clairikine

And since I am currently reading Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy (in Swedish), I also got my picture taken in iconic spots from the book. The first floor here is where the Millennium offices are supposed to be. The other iconic spot was the yellow pathway where a character gets mugged. Not going to put that out there right now.

In addition to this, I began watching Doctor Who*, amassed a small treasure trove of used CDs** and DVDs to further cement the fact that I need to buy more shelves,  and I squee'd like a teenager when the Spice Girls appeared during the Olympics' Closing Ceremony.*** And then I had to explain to my 17-year-old sister why this was a cultural milestone, and I proceeded to buy a used copy of Spice and play "Wannabe" for her in the car. She still didn't get it.

Updates continue Tuesday! Ha det så bra.

* I started at Ten. Because everyone only talks about Ten anyway. Right?
** Placebo's self-titled debut, baby!!!
*** I also squee'd at Muse. Because, you know. Muse.

Edit: Yes, a piece of Bane's mask is missing. It's hot down in Hell, so this is a lighter version.


  1. TENTH DOCTOR IS THE BEST. Oh my gosh.

    1. I've gotta say that after six episodes I'm pretty dang smitten.