October 2, 2012


This past June I had the opportunity to delve once again into territory far from my Central European home and take a look at ... Frankfurt. It was an awesome weekend (though I barely got any real sleep) and I was able to connect with peeps and take in the sights. I'd do it again (for longer) if I could. So this is what the next few comics will be about!

The first night I got there was the European Cup semifinal against Italy, as well as some kind of Supreme Court decision on Obamacare, so we all watched the game and then got to see the news about America during halftime. (At first I misunderstood and thought the bill had been struck down. Which would have sucked.)

See you Friday!

Also: I am currently selling commissioned drawings and minicomics! More details on this post. Shipping to Berlin comes free with commissions!

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