October 11, 2012

Thursday Workpost: Entrails

Visiting Lyon.

"But... these are cow guts!!!" "What do you think Currywurst is made of?"

My job's newsletter for October is out, and with it a cartoon introducing the Franco-German comics workshop I will be hosting on the 31st (scroll down a tad), possibly disguised as Lisbeth Salander. Holla!!

Incidentally, cow intestines are actually a culinary specialty in Lyon, one of the towns where I grew up and proceeded to come back to for college. I find Berlin's Currywurst to be just as appetizing.

Still doing that fundraiser for to not be flat broke at the end of the year! I draw Sherlock and John like it's nobody's business, so check it out. Also, it is possible to donate euros (and dollahs, pounds, kronor etc) by clicking on the "Buy me coffee?" button. I would be much obliged. Très obligée.* Etc.

* Not an actual expression.

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