February 1, 2013

Paris Trip Fundraiser! [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Orders are now closed! Thank you to everyone who donated for being awesome!

We interrupt our current programming to bring you... Football (soccer, ahem).

I'm going to Paris next week to see the France - Germany game! I'm using the opportunity (graciously offered to me) to spend a few days in my home country, both in Paris and in a small town north of the capital. And to offset some of the costs, I am offering YOU the opportunity to own a piece of this adventure!

I've made it a habit on my previous travels to keep a travel comic. There will be a travel comic for this trip, and it will be drawn and inked in this little guy:

If you donate 35€ to my PayPal account (see the sidebar), you get this notebook. It will contain the travel diary, a little note to say thank you, and I will ship it anywhere that's not a secluded cabin in Chile. If I happen to know you, it can even be personalized!

Also, the first five people to donate 3€ will get a custom handmade postcard from me, mailed from France to anywhere in the world.

Anyone who donates 5€ will get a PDF of the travel comic diary (estimated delivery date: no later than March 1, 2013).

If you enjoy my comics, this is a great opportunity to show your support. The offer runs until Monday, February 4 at 9 AM (GMT+1)!

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