June 11, 2013

ANNOUNCING: Minicomics for everyone!

Guys, it's my pleasure to announce that all of my minicomics are currently available to order online at Bigcartel!

Never you mind those weird colors from my iPhone 3GS, these be crispy black and white!

See these beauties? They can all be yours for a mere 3€ each, plus shipping. Each copy is signed, sealed and delivered to you by the Deutsche Post. Grab'em while they're hot! Or don't grab them actually, as that would injure your hands.

N.B. The Master of Survival mini is bilingual: flip it over and it is also in French! The Cardialement minis are both in English (mostly), except for a few French and German strips which are subtitled.

If you are more favorably inclined to digital objects, each minicomic is also available as a pay-what-you-want PDF on Gumroad (suggested donation is 3€ for a mini):

As always, if you want to contribute to my endeavours as a cartoonist, but don't actually want anything, please feel free to Flattr this blog or make a donation using the button in the sidebar. I'm on a tight budget these days (also I need a bike) and any help is welcome.

If you DO want something that is not a minicomic - such as a customized drawing - you can also either e-mail me at clairykin at gmail or make a PayPal donation specifying what you'd like in the note to the seller.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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