June 28, 2013

Paris Fundraiser II: Le Retour!

It's postcard time again! As mentioned here, I am returning to Paris next weekend, this time with Sarah Ehrenholz, to present our comic-and-music collaboration, Noémie hin und zurück/aller-retourOnce again, I am offering you a way to get a piece of the action!

The postcards this time around are extra special, as we just got a ton of them printed with the Noémie logo on the back and a blank side for people to draw their own postcard. Needless to say, if you buy one of these postcards, the drawing will be by ME! (Sarah will also say hello on the back!)

Oh iPhone, my iPhone...

Postcards are 3€, payable via PayPal donation (button on the right), and will be mailed to you from Paris. If you want one but really hate PayPal, e-mail me at clairykin at gmail and we can work something out.

I am also offering three A5, black-and-white commissions, 10€ each + 1,45€ shipping. Also payable via donation on the sidebar (letting me know what you want me to draw - there can be maximum of two characters and a simple background.)

Also, I am bringing my minis to sell at the Franco-German Village Place de la République on July 6. Stocks of Cardialement Vol 1 are currently low, so if you want a piece of that, now may be a good time to grab a copy.

Offer on postcards and commissions expires Thursday, July 4 at 11:30PM!

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