July 11, 2013

[UPDATED] Commission Slot Openings!

I currently have 3 commission slots open on a first-come, first-serve basis! EDIT: Commissions close August 1!
  • A5 / 5.8"x8.5" black and white (max. one character): 20€/$26 USD + shipping
  • A4 / 8.3"x11.7" black and white (max. two characters): 40€/$52 USD + shipping
Everything is done on German 250g Zeichenkarton (aka the thick stuff).

You can make any requests you want (within reason) by shooting me an e-mail at clairykin at gmail youknowtherest. Requests can also include fandom characters (comprehensive, non-exclusive list here). Or even my own characters Noémie, Anaé, Sasha and Félix.
If you need inspiration, you can also check out my Behance portfolio or my Tumblr art tag (or this very blog!).
Let's art.

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