July 23, 2013

Consider the lilies

I drew this last Saturday at a drink'n'draw in Görlitzer Park! Astrid was there as well. The book I'm rereading is Julia Wertz' The Infinite Wait & Other Stories, which I can but recommend if you want to laff heartily.

Secret Project is nearly done being inked! To be honest all personal comics projects have taken a backseat to looking for work at the moment, but it will go up before I go to Stockholm at the end of August, as will the travel journal I drew during my recent trip to Paris! And then work on Master of Survival - Part 2 will begin. Stay tuned!

P.S. As a reminder - I am still offering commissions until August 1. After that, there are no plans to open commissions, so this is your chance! I won't draw HIMYM fanart for just anyone, you know.

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