July 10, 2015

Friday Sketchpost: Berlin Pride + Fanart!

Every month for the past few months now I've been putting together pages from my sketchbooks in a PDF and posting it on PatreonThis forces me to draw more in my sketchbook, which has been priceless in terms of improving anatomy and inking skills (especially with the Pentel pocket brush pen, which I have grown more attached to the further I get used to it).

I've fallen off the wagon in terms of posting occasional scanned pages on this blog, though, so here are some sketches of people I did during Berlin's Pride week last month, as well as fanart of recent entertainment interests Breaking Bad (currently on season 4) and Spider-Gwen (which kicks so much heinie)!

You can also see these and many more in my latest digital sketchbook, which is available for pledges of $8 or more per week on Patreon!

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