July 21, 2015


English translation below.

I had the pleasure this year of meeting the folks behind the Franco-German comic zine BETON during their issue #2 launch (part of the Comic Invasion Berlin 2015 satellite events). As a result, I also had the pleasure of contributing this two-page story to their new issue, which came out this month!

BETON comes out about three times a year; each issue has its own word as a theme, and the comics are printed in both French and German. For the good of my English-speaking public, I have included a translation of my entry below the cut.

This comic is reproduced here with kind permission; you can get your hands on the whole 56-page deal for 7€ + shipping by e-mailing betonfanzine at gmail. You can also check out their Facebook page and follow them on Tumblr!

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page 1

“Narcolepsy” by Clairikine

Sarah: Who’s that? … Oh no, not Jérôme ...

Joanna: What?
S: You’re not going to write to him … Are you?

J: Are you nuts? It’s been a month now, I’ve moved on…
S: I can see that.
♫ In a tattered world where so much had gone wrong… ♪

J: Dude, back off, would you?!
S: OK, OK…
♫ nothing worked anymore, except you and me ♪

S: What do you think of the music? It’s nice, isn’t it?
♫ with your hand on mine and the other one on your heart ♪
J: I dunno … I find it a little sleep-inducing.

S: I’m getting another beer … You want one?
J: Yeah, a Thingamabob, please.
♫ your eyes searched me… ♪

♫ and promised we’d be happy …  ♪

♫ and then without warning ♪

page 2
♫ narcolepsy struck ♪

♫ you left what we had ♪

♫ and you fell asleep ♪

♫ what i wouldn’t do ♪

♫ just to make you wake up ♪

♫ and find in yourself ♪
♫ this love that slumbers ♪

S: Hey, sorry, there was a line at the bar… Jo?

S: Were you asleep?
J: Gnnn… No, I…
C: Thank you, thank you very much…

C: So my name is Clairikine…

J: Can you please pinch me, I think I’m dreaming…
S: Yeah, I don’t think so…
C: ...and I have some CDs you can buy...

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