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Hi there! My name is Clairikine. I am a dual French/US citizen currently residing in Berlin, where I put my fluent German to daily use. I draw comics, illustrate, sketchnote, write and translate things and host comics workshops on a freelance basis. 

In my spare time, I can be found chilling in front of a TV series (if it's winter), chilling with a beer in a Biergarten (if it's summer), or in a church service (if it's Sunday). If it's autumn to spring I am co-organizing the ComicInvasion festival and have been doing so since 2014! I keep at least two notebooks close by at all times.

I am currently available for new projects; all inquiries may be addressed to clairykin at gmail dot com with a description of what you're looking for, the date you need it by and the budget you have in mind. 

As seen in...
"Meet Clairikine (Cartoonist) - In A Minute Portrait (Week 364)MovingPostcard.com, 20/4/2017
"Claire Webster x Oberbaumbrücke: Blick auf die Stadt und das Wesentliche"die berliner portraits, 30/6/2017 
"Berlins Comicszene wird immer internationaler"Der Tagesspiegel, 3/04/2016
"La VDM illustrée de Clairikine"VDM.fr, 1/11/2013 (English version)

As heard on ...
CIB Podcast 22/4/2017
(in German, with ComicInvasion)
CIB Podcast 21/2/2017 (in German, with ComicInvasion)
FluxFM, 30/3/2016 (in German, with ComicInvasionBerlin)
CIB Podcast, 14/3/2016 (in German)
FluxFM, 24/4/2014 (in German, with ComicInvasionBerlin)

"Claire is made of 100% pure awesome." -  Isaac W.
"My objective, independent follow-up research confirms this finding." - Alex K.
"Von der wird man noch hören." - Quitzi
"Basically I just open my mouth and automatically show off." - me

At Raum B in Berlin, January 2016.

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