December 26, 2010

Journal de Nantes #6

Tuesday 15 June
Clr:"Are you freaking kidding me?!" / Contrary to what we had been told,
the law exam was not a case study. / [Absolutely not the type of exam we were supposed to have.]
[Highly advanced means of random selection.] / Clr: "Eenie, meenie, minie, mo..." / I am chosen to
draw the subject for the second exam at random and potentially hate myself until the end of time.
I draw semiology for my group. Phew!
* Bébé à l'intérieur.

I meet up with Cécile that afternoon to grab a beer (and an Orangina)
on the Place du Bouffay. I can't believe she's PREGNANT!!!

J'use rarement du langage décrit plus haut. Sauf quand mes circonstances ont un fort taux d'absurdité.
(Quand on clique sur les images deux fois elles deviennent super lisibles, promis.)

[ Bonus sonore ]

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