December 13, 2011



[ Bonus sonore ]  

A few months ago I started reading a couple blogs that are written by Christians and deal with matters of sex and relationships, which is both inspirational at times and at others kind of like that "visiting China" metaphor one character used at the end of the "His Dark Materials" trilogy. One post in particular caught my eye a couple months ago and encouraged me to bring this comic out, although per tradition, of course, there's still a buffer of time between when I write and when I post things like this.

To be honest, I don't have time to translate it in French, so break out your dictionaries.

Il y a quelques mois j'ai commencé à lire un ou deux blogs tenus par des chrétiens au sujet des relations et de la sexualité. C'est à la fois une source d'inspiration et un peu réminiscent de la scène dans "A la croisée des mondes" où ils parlent de visiter la Chine. Un post en particulier (in English sorry) m'a donné envie de publier cette note, même si conformément à ma tradition personnelle, un peu d'eau a coulé sous les ponts depuis sa rédaction.

Pour être franche j'ai eu l'envie, mais pas le temps de la traduire en français, donc sortez vos dicos! Ou G*** Translate.


  1. If I can tell you anything from my experience, it's that the people you will want to be with are the people who will be impressed by the things that you will want to do for them naturally, and who are already there with you when you do the things you love.