July 22, 2014

at re:publica 14 - part 2

And that was my experience of re:publica 14! Thanks again to the people who made it possible - you know who you are.

People appearing in this comic (among others): Kate Miltner, Frau Dingens, Jan Mölleken, schwarzblond, Dedalus Root, Eva Horn.

Part 1 of the comic.
Sketchposts #1 and #2 (forthcoming).

July 18, 2014

Friday Sketchpost: re:publica 14, Day 2

Long time, no sketch dump! In keeping with this week's comic, here are some of the sketches I did during my first day at Berlin's re:publica in May (which was Day 2 of the conference). Few places are as great for drawing from life as an event full of people and speakers. Enjoy! (I apologize for not translating the German due to time constraints.)

"at re:publica 14" recap comic + links to most of the depicted speakers here.
Part 2 of the recap comic and more sketches next week.

July 15, 2014

at re:publica 14

To be continued...

Readers! Back in May I was given the opportunity by a generous fan to attend two days of this year's re:publica conference, which by and large is my favorite conference to attend in Berlin. As a way of giving back and documenting my time there, I drew this comic, as well as a bunch of sketches that I will be posting too.

Day 2 (which was Day 3 of the conference) will follow next week!

People featured in this comic (among others): Jars of Clay, The AcidTeresa BückerJohnny HäuslerAnne WizorekKübra GümüşaySilan BekjarovLars MüllenhauptPaletas BerlinFarmer McGlitterUlrich Schnauss.

July 8, 2014


Oh hey! I've been working on a big thing that's gonna go up the next couple of weeks. This here is a thing I drew a couple months ago that originally featured a very popular poem with a very heavily guarded copyright.

Working hard this month on an application for another thing, as well as on various freelance gigs. I'm planning to get the next Master of Survival online before the month is out. There aren't that many left...

See you next week!

[ Amanda Palmer - Dear Old House ]

July 1, 2014


This week's post is actually a kindly authorized repost of a piece currently featured on the blog of Heimat Zine, who were my lovely table neighbors at last year's Zinefest Berlin. It was drawn in response to a prompt on the theme of secrecy. More info on this piece can be found over here!

More comics coming soon. In the meantime, I do occasional updates on my goings-on via my Patreon feed, which can be accessed by throwing a mere $1 at me whenever I post a new comic. I get to buy more Oreos, you get to see which episode of Orange Is The New Black I'm on, everyone wins.

June 3, 2014


I was going to post this last week, then I got sidetracked by current events.

The wedding was all kinds of awesome! Now my friends, they are married. Crazy! And there was chicken for breakfast on Sunday. What a world!

I'm off to Stockholm tomorrow! See you when I get back.

May 20, 2014

MOS #12

[ Soundtrack: Laura Imbruglia - Wouldn't Be Surprised (Live) ]

Version française.

Spoiler alert: I didn't move out. To this day, I still feel a low-level wave of panic whenever someone in the building starts drilling. I visualize most sounds when I hear them (kind of like imagining a landscape), so the kind of noise depicted here pretty much beats the will to live out of me. 

In current news: I'm going to Stockholm in less than a month to see my sister's graduation ceremony and bid a temporary farewell as my family will be moving base to California for a year. It costs a lot to visit Sweden and as a result I'm offering art to help cover the costs. Check it out here!

If you want to help but don't want to clutter your office with personalized art (why??), you can click the Flattr button on this page or pledge a monthly donation via Patreon.

May 14, 2014

The Clairikine Hits Stockholm Art Drive!

Photo: Tommie Hansen - CC BY 2.0

The dates: June 4 - 11, 2014
The plan: visiting Stockholm for my sister's graduation. Hitting up fave haunts. Fangirling X-Men: Days of Future Past. Grabbing a starköl. People moving! Things changing! What!
The goods: I've got some very limited personalized postcards (sketches or poetry!) and I'm opening up six commission slots, four of which are The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo or X-Men themed. See below!
I am also going to give it a shot with a Google Hangout to talk about Berlin, Stockholm, comics and my cat for 45 minutes. I promise I'm good company.
Slots are reserved by clicking the donate button at the end of the post and specifying in the note to the seller what slot you want. I will then e-mail you to confirm the slot reservation.
Delivery dates are estimated. All prices include shipping to Europe; please add 3€ for shipping outside of Europe.

Celebrate the past ten years of Stockholm rootedness and help fund the madness!
**ORDERS ARE CLOSED! Thanks to everyone who donated! **

May 6, 2014

Pickup Line

The real question is: is it a pickup line-in or line-out? *ba-dum-kshh*

COMIC INVASION BERLIN was a huge success!

u look so tired/happy

Thanks to everyone who came out, said hi, bought comics and contributed to my bike fund by buying postcard sketches! Thanks also to my excellent table neighbors and friends for letting me take bathroom/beer/burger/oxygen breaks (note to self: hire a table buddy!).

In case you missed it, the lovely folks at FluxFM had me and festival organiser Marc Seestaedt over recently to chat about Comic Invasion, as well as about the Berlin comics scene and our personal projects. You can listen to me draw a blank on how to say "I don't know if people can tell I'm not German", in German, on the recording here. (There's also a gorgeous shot of the neighborhood around the FluxFM offices as seen from their roof. And of me pulling a face.)

Hot on those heels, I'm pleased to announce that I will be tabling at Thought Bubble Sequential Arts Festival in Leeds this year! There will most definitely be some kind of fundraiser to help pay for travel and lodging, as well as details on where I'll be at, closer to the festival date in November. I'm super-excited and will try to make a UK jaunt of it!

And speaking of fundraisers, I'm traveling to Stockholm from June 4-11, so, y'know... Watch this space! 

[ Jars of Clay - After The Fight ]