March 31, 2015


* Abendmahl = communion, or Lord's Supper, or Last Supper.

We interrupt our Christmas comics to bring you this year's Easter-related comic. (There have been others.)

Easter is a super-long weekend in Germany, and as tradition has it, I will be spending it at my drawing table inking comics, emerging only for the occasional service. I wish you all excellent partying times and some contemplative final days of Lent, whichever one of those floats your boat. Hey, you could even do both.

March 24, 2015

Mystery Coffee

Chew is a comic about a cop who gets information about things by eating them. It takes place in a near future where chicken is outlawed. It is amazing. (Also, I'm currently only on volume four, so - shhh.)

March 17, 2015


It's Saint Patrick's Day! Have a comic with a Patrick in it. Also, Christmas comics in March, because I've been sitting on these for awhile, so bear with me.

If you're into marine biology, science and funny stuff, Patrick runs a mean-looking video and photo inventory of the marine wildlife in the Bay Area, when he's not doing voiceovers of sea anemones or giving Tatiana Maslany a run for her money in his own eco-comedy films. He's also pretty dang funny.

Great news!!  The fine folks at Patreon have announced that they will handle the collection, filing and remittance of VAT in the EU on behalf of their creatorsThus, after a couple months of uneasy sleep, my Patreon is now back in action and outfitted with brand-new reward tiers. As was my plan back in January, updates on this blog will now be weekly, and you can pledge anywhere upwards of a dollar for every new comic I post.

For $2 per comic, you get access to penciled pages, script notes, partial inks and personal updates on my goings-on, AND the warm fuzzy knowledge that you are directly contributing to the creation of new autobio comics and the writing of Noémie (which I plan to devote my early morning comic time to once Comic Invasion is over)$5 or more gets you all of this goodness, PLUS cool exclusive things like a monthly postcard (currently 8 of 10 left) or a monthly digital sketchbook.

The more money I make per comic post, the easier it will be for me to pay for things like art supplies, tabling at conventions and finally working out of a space that is not my tiny bedroom in my tiny 3-person apartment. If you want to help me make these plans a reality, I highly advise you to get thee hence and check it out!

March 3, 2015

Fiat Lux

We borrowed a sun lamp for a couple weeks. It's been a serious game changer.
(If you want to read what Squeak is all about, it updates weekly at!)

I'm hard at work on the material for the bonus content volume of Master of Survival, which I have cleverly named The Third Degree! In addition to a handful of pages either still undrawn or hiding away in a folder, I've also scripted what seems to be a six-page epilogue comic, which may or may not turn out to actually be six pages long (Edit: it's seven. Haha. Hahaha)

In order for me to draw this and have it ready in time for Comic Invasion Berlin 2015, updates here will be kept to about two per month until the end of April. Speaking of CIB15, you should totally drop by. It will be epic.

I'm also researching a few options in terms of supporting this blog while my Patreon is on hold (see this post). More on that as it unfolds. In the meantime,  I've just spent a buttload of money on plane tickets to Lyon and London (again!!), in case you want to throw some money in the Traveling Tip Jar on the sidebar! (Edit 13/3/2015: Patreon have announced that they will handle the collection, filing and remittance of VAT in the EU on behalf of their creators!!! More about my Patreon next week. But you can still throw money in the Tip Jar, because I still just spent a buttload of money on plane tickets.)

January 27, 2015

5 Jahre

I moved to Berlin five years ago today. I'm very happy that I stuck around.

January 19, 2015

Mixtape Monday: Car Drive 2014 + Yearly Recap

Today's Mixtape Monday features the newest instalment of my yearly mix series, Car Drive - initially just something I put together to listen to in the family car, now pretty much a chronicle of the past year told through songs. If you had a year full of transitions, professional ambitions and the occasional instance of suckiness, this mix just might be for you! I got to give it a spin while driving up and down the coast of Northern California, which was pretty cool and didn't alienate too many family members.

You can listen to it (minus Cooper's "This Year") on Spotify.


Also, due to time constraints, I'm not doing a recap comic this year, BUT below you will find an unsorted recap of stuff I did and enjoyed. Read on below the cut, if you are so inclined!

January 13, 2015


Pariser Platz, Berlin, 11.01.2015

I'm back from the US and (thanks to jet-lag) have been working on this at hours where no sane person should be awake.

California was great, don't get me wrong - I chilled a lot, wrote a lot, drew a lot, watched a lot of TV, got that precious Vitamin D, reconnected with family and my NorCal roots. There'll be more about my trip in awhile.

For now, these are pretty much all of the words I've got. See you next week.