July 28, 2020

Some Other Place: Fighter

Lex returns! You might remember her from short stories of mine here, here and here; you can find other stories set in that universe here. 
I wrote this short comic as a poem many moons ago (remember pre-2020? I sure don't) and turned it into an exercise in drawing fiction again (I say "fiction", but of course Lex basically looks like me minus glasses, plus facial piercings and an undercut). I hope you like it!

Stay safe out there and take care of each other! The curve in Berlin has been flattened since I last wrote, but the virus is not gone -- and in fact there is an uptick in cases in Germany at the time of posting. Please remember that indoor gatherings have been shown to be a major vector of transmission, keep social distancing even when you're outdoors, and wear a mask (including over your nose!)

If you're in Germany, in light of the most recent terrible decisions made by what passes for the ministry of the interior at the moment, I recommend picking up a copy of the very good collection of essays Eure Heimat ist unser Albtraum, and reading up about police brutality and the widespread practice of racial profiling in this country. I also suggest following and supporting the work of Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland e.V., on this and many other issues affecting Black lives in Germany.

July 16, 2020

Clairikine Starter Kits (2020 Edition)

A study in processing an unprecedented pandemic ­čÜ▓­čô▒­čśĚ (March 2020, July 2020).

March 18, 2020

What Was 2010-2019 Like?

This one took awhile to get out of the gate, and here it is! I officially first moved to Berlin a whole ten years and about six weeks ago.

I'm just gonna post this with the huge implicit caveat that What 2020 Currently Is Like is a whole new dimension of ... you know what, I don't have the words. File "discussing the closure of public transit" and "socializing in parks and bars" under Things I Didn't Imagine Would Date This Comic By The Time I Finished It. (If you live in Berlin and are reading this, please avoid doing all of those things for the time being, so that we can all do them again together later!)

Stay safe, protect your community, stay at home, and stay in touch. And heythank you, Berlin, for being one of the things that keeps me happy, even now, especially now.

January 24, 2020

Journal comics in 2019: a selection

Over the past few years I've been drawing occasional journal comics and posting them for my subscribers on Patreon. This year was no exception, and I thought I'd post some of those here in the spirit of my year in review. Read on below!

Per tradition, I started the year with a cold. I proceeded to have several more over the spring and realized I had to slow down; and then the end of the year was extremely busy and head colds returned with a vengeance.

January 22, 2020

What Did I Do in 2019?

I also have a loooonng 2019 year in review / entertainment recap post up for my Patreon subscribers this month! Thanks to everyone who made the cool things this year possible.

And stay tuned here for more retrospective stuff, because it's still January and I don't make the rules I do make the rules.

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December 10, 2019


Hi there! Been awhile. I hope everyone is having as low-stress a month of December as is feasible (haha).

Should you wish to acquire stickers or zines from me in time for the holidays, my store is accepting orders (and everything is on sale!) through this Friday!

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More comics coming in 2020 - until then,  guten Rutsch!

October 26, 2019

Weekend Sketchpost: Imaginary Street

From the depths of my sketchbook: a drawing I produced while in SE Portland last month.

September 19, 2019

Missed Connection (2017)

Here's a comic that's been sitting in the hopper for nigh on two years! In the time since I drew this, I got a new phone that looks less like a brick, and I've asked for those numbers and sent those texts, and also gotten my hair cut. Personal growth on multiple levels!

In more recent news, I have returned from visiting Portland for XOXO (and stopping by Seattle on the way home). Both trips were incredible and I cannot thank everyone enough who made it possible in ways big and small. I daresay you'll see me again, PNW! (You too, XOXO, hopefully.)

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July 12, 2019

Friday Sketchpost: Self-portrait, 2019

A self-portrait from this spring that was hanging out in my sketchbook!

Things are both busy and not busy over at Clairikine HQ. I have just returned to Berlin after a week in Lyon (where I did see Groupama Stadium on an off day and otherwise cheered teams on in bars), and after a very intense season between January and May I have been switching gears for the summer, keeping commitments to a minimum, writing, and catching up on TV.

Once summer starts winding down, though, I am happy to announce that I'll be in Portland for xoxo this September! My travel is pretty much paid for at this point, but I've reopened both my Traveling Tip Jar commissions and my Bigcartel store to help offset some of the costs.
My store in particular hosts my brand-new zine The Person You've Never Met alongside How ARE You??!, both of which collect my illustrations from Inktober 2017 and 2018! There are also sets of Gl├╝cklich in Berlin stickers and my collected Master of Survival zines.

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