December 17, 2013

Winter is here

Whew! That's my last post before my own personal getaway to the sunny climes of Sweden for some holiday cheer and familial watching of television. While I'm there I'll be wrapping up the daily Little Tiny Adventstüren posts I've been doing (and which you can follow on Twitter, TumblrInstagram and Facebook)!

In the New Year we'll be having a big ole recap of the madness that was 2013. Until then, I advise you to get thee hence to a place that sells Glühwein and get toasted in my honor (I'm turning a year older at some point too).

I've failed thus far to actually get toasted on Glühwein myself, which may be for the best as I've been alternating between wrapping up work and sitting in front of TV shows with tea and a cold. Deliverance is nigh, though! Catch you on the flip side.

[ Linkin Park x Steve Aoki - A Light That Never Comes ]

December 3, 2013

The things that one tames

This weekend I was at a retreat with other musicians from my church, the same kind as last year's but in a different, quite remote little place in the woods (no cell reception!). Part of Sunday's Advent service was the reading of an excerpt from The Little Prince, namely the conversation between the little prince and the fox. I've read the book many times, but I still find the scene very touching.

The fox here is a nod to Foxy, the main character of the many comic strips I  drew as a kid.

November 26, 2013

Thin Ice

Doodle time! Meeting a deadline. (*fist pump*)

The Clairikine Christmas Sale is still going until December 15! My minicomics are all on sale with free stickers with each purchase. Feed me? (Heh.)

[ AFI - A Deep Slow Panic ]

November 19, 2013


I'm all for snow, lights and quiet and cozy nights in with a book or a drawing table, but other than that I mostly just hate what winter does to my brain. That is why I moved to a city where the sun sets at 4PM by mid-November.

November 17, 2013

Weekend Warmup: Well you couldn't get much closer

Pencilled my way through the weekend on a commissioned one-pager due at the end of the month. Warmed up by drawing Noémie, Anaé and a random guy. Noémie is a joy for me because she gives me license to draw a grumpy character, which I always default to out of laziness.

November 12, 2013


[ The Naked and Famous - Waltz ]


Hey, did you know that all my minicomics are currently on sale, and that you can even bundle them with a print or a personalized holiday season greeting card?

Did you know you can also order a personalized greeting card separately until Dec. 1 and that there are only seven of them to go around?

November 8, 2013

A Clairikine Christmas Sale!

UPDATE: I am no longer taking greeting card commissions. The store sale ends December 15!

It's that time of the year again, and in the spirit of Christmas I am selling art and comics at low prices, as well as offering a limited amount of personalized greeting cards (scroll down for details)!

Clairikine Store Sale!

I have a brand-new minicomic called A Clairikine Primer which features select comics from the past two years, including "The Internet Says The Darndest Things". It is on sale for 2€ + shipping, as are the rest of the minicomics in the store.

I've also added four different packs of comics allowing the completist in each of you to get your hands on ALL MY COMICS and save hugely while doing so! They range from "Teeny Tiny Minicomics" to "All The Things, which contains all five minis PLUS a surprise comic PLUS the Hunter S. Thompson print for 10€!

All orders come with a free sticker!
Cutoff date is Dec. 15 for everywhere and Germany, bearing in mind that international orders will arrive after New Year's.

ALSO, 5€ extra with the "All The Things Pack" gets you a personalized greeting card! (UPDATE: this option is no longer available!) For more info on these and how to get one separately -- LOOK DOWN. (This neither!)

Limited Edition Personalized Season's Greetings Cards!

I am selling SEVEN* personalized greeting cards drawn in black, white and red on DIN A5-sized 250g art board, featuring a character of your choice wearing a Santa hat. Like myself and Peter Capaldi up there.

Cards are 8€ each + 0,75€ shipping, payable to the Donate button on the right. 

*Does not include cards made for orders in the store.

IMPORTANT: order cutoff dates for cards are Dec. 1 for everywhere, including Germany.
ALSO IMPORTANT: pickups are possible in Berlin until Dec. 20, as well as in Stockholm on Dec. 23 (negotiable, but not between julafton and annandag jul!).

As Malcolm Tucker might have it:

November 5, 2013


It's been a year of many goodbyes (or should I say - "hello again in a considerably long time"s).

November 1, 2013

Friday Festivities: Bridal Mix + Doodles

I was invited to Eni and Anselm's smashing good wedding in Berlin-Tegel at the beginning of September. As is my wont, I made them a small mix and illustrated the cover. They are both musicians and in fact sang during their own wedding ceremony, which is just a general proof of awesomeness (and something I'd like to one-up someday, being me).

Some doodles from the last couple weeks, including a couple people who happened to walk by my table at Zinefest.

Also, tiny update at the Noémie blog for the Franco-Germanically inclined! You can also like the project on Facebook and follow it on Twitter [FR/DE].

See you Tuesday!

October 29, 2013

FML Comic + Zinefest report!

In case you missed the announcements on various networks, my comic for went live this weekend!

As a born (sort of) and raised Frenchperson, I've laughed hysterically at many of the stories on the original French site for years and co-opted the acronym VDM for my own personal use. It was therefore a special honor to participate in making a funny for these fine people. After being asked to illustrate a story of my choosing, I perused the site for hours before picking this one, took a few hours during a weekend excursion to thumbnail it and proceeded to pencil and ink it in a total of a week (spread out over other endeavours). 

The site also features an interview in which I confess my longstanding fixation on the Portland comics scene, my preference for cats and my favorite Berlin monument to cycle around.

Trivia time: though the cigarette situation actually happened to an FML contributor, the hug with the hobo was directly inspired by one of Max Dubinsky's blog posts (collected in An Anthology of Madness). Also, the girlfriend in the comic bears a close resemblance to my friend Anne-So of Clairikine Hits Paris fame (but her husband doesn't smoke).


I'm pleased to report that Zinefest Berlin was a smashin' good time. I tabled next to wonderful people (see Heimat Zine and Pink Mince for more), made connections and got (among many fascinating objects) the artbook for Tinet Elmgren's comic Driftwood, which makes the WIP junkie in me just squee forever.

I've been busy with freelance comic and not-comic work of late, but I have a couple new (gut-spilling) comics in the pipeline that I drew and inked over the weekend between visitors and that you will get to see once I force them past my conscience. I'm also working on feeding my neglected twins MOS and Noémie. A cartoonist's work is never done, amirite?